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Thread: Farewell Arnie Schreder.

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    Farewell Arnie Schreder.

    Knowing that I'm a great fan of the TV show 'Ice Pilots' a friend of mine in Canada emailed me this today, taken from his local newspaper.

    If you've watched the show, you'll know what a great character Arnie was. He genuinely looked out for the 'newbie' pilots, and never seemed phased by anything he had to deal with. In one of the last programmes, they covered his retirement to his new home further south, and the good news that his daughters cancer had been conquered. They don't make pilots like him no more
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    A great character indeed. In these days of doing everything by the book, and
    adhering to every silly H & S rule, you wonder if there will be anyone to
    replace him, or those like him.

    My Brother in Law likes watching Ice Pilots. Says it reminds him of what
    Channel Airways used to be like.

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    I have a lady friend who used to work for Channel Airways. Mostly on Viscounts, and then 1-11s. With STN having been 'my' local airport for donkeys years, Channel was very much a part of my budding interest in cicil aviation. I can remember my Dad taking me to STN, on a day when it was possible for the public to tour the interior of one of their Tridents. There may well have been another aircraft open too, but I can't be sure, a 1-11 perhaps? I agree with your views about Arnie, one of the old school.
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    I have enjoyed the Ice Pilots series like so many people and had no idea as I'm sure none of us did about Arnies illness. We did see a small glimpse of his family life when his young teenage daughter beat cancer herself. Very sad abd cruel for her and his wife that the disese has come back to haunt them again.
    A real character. Few pilots these days will ever get the oppportunity to fly so much, gain so many hours and have the knowledge and will to pass on their experiences.
    RIP Arnie

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    his fight with cancer was mentioned during a recent episode of ice pilots when he came back for a visit and he looked terrible due to weight loss.

    Before I watched ice pilots I'd never heard of Arnie Schreder but after watching a few episodes he came across as very genuine, down to earth and one hell of a pilot. A terrible loss.

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    Watch the dambusters episode. He flies a DC-6 VERY low across the water. All by eye. Excellent pilot, great bloke. The world is that little bit darker without him.

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    very sad
    i loved the series
    is there another one showing soon?
    as the last one i watched ended when he retired

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