Produced by the team behind Britain at War magazine, the Falklands 30th Anniversary Special is a 132-page bookazine which tells the story of the conflict in the South Atlantic like never before.

Features include:

A Chronology of the Conflict
A day-by-day insight into the events between 1 March, 1982 and the Argentine surrender

Behind Enemy Lines
Falkland Islanders were not prepared to accept the invasion of their territory without making things as difficult as they could for the invaders.

Maintaining the Fight
The massive logistical effort required to send an army and a fleet to the islands, in particular the little-known air bridge which flew supplies via Ascension Island.

Operation Certain Death
It was one of the most mysterious events of the Falklands conflict. Now, the man at the heart of it, the pilot of Westland Sea King HC.4 ZA290 explains what really happened.

RAF Harriers over the Falklands

In examining the role of RAF Harriers in the Falklands, we also detail the remarkable story of the only RAF prisoner of war of the conflict.

The Black Buck Raids

An interview with the aircrew involved in Black Buck 6 - a mission that ended with an unscheduled landing in Brazil.

A Dangerous Legacy
Though the fighting has long since ended, a number of physical reminders of the the events of 1982 remain including an array of minefields scattered across the islands.

and much more!

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