A few days ago we were treated to the sight of two soccer 'prima donnas' refusing to shake hands on TV prior to the start of a match.

That set me thinking; why not have, in all sporting arenas: soccer, rugby, tennis, cricket, or any sports field where spectators number in their thousands, a boxing square outlined in white or other appropriate colour, in the center of the field. When there is a dispute or, some other event resulting in a few punches between players, instead of sending them to the 'sin-bin' as in rugby, put them in the painted square and, either bare knuckle or gloved, let them fight it out for three, one minute rounds to the huge additional benefit of the spectators and simultaneously, getting rid of the 'bad blood' between the players?

After three minutes, it's over. Job done. No more 'prima donna' girly tantrums. I forecast that if this is adopted, spectator numbers will increase like nobodies business. Just imagine - captain of a team humps someone's wife or girl friend, or, a player gets hacked down in the penalty area, big grudge arises, punch-up ensues, everyone is hugely entertained and the culprit gets his comeuppance. Everyone's a winner !

We could even have 'place-your-bets' here booths with odds quoted. Or, better still, you can go into the ring only if you are prepared to back your fighting ability with a small purse of say, £500 per antagonist. The winner collects all and the total prize money is donated to the charity of choice.

Let's raise a petition to the Sports Minister.

John Green