Two days ago, we had a rather interesting, sometimes infuriating and occasionally virulent discussion on the Mosquito aircraft on an adjacent Forum. Writing as one who comes in for his fair share of 'flak' when disturbing cosy opinions, I was shocked when the matter was arbitrarily closed by someone who appeared to take umbrage at the percentage of wayward comments.

I do not share this umbrage. One is bound to experience some waywardness especially in a subject that is close to the heart and goes on at some length. Although there was harsh comment and criticism, I did not think that it ever exceeded the bounds of common politeness and decency.

Arbitrary censorship is bad. A warning or two could have been issued by the person concerned. The opinion of the contributors could have been sought - shall we proceed with this subject or not ? But no. The curtain came down. No discussion. This is wrong. All controllers of these Forums should have a neutral stance and should be there merely to oversee and maintain the bounds of the rules of the Forum, and where there is doubt consult with the contributors.

It is both disturbing and odd that as far as I know there have been no other protests.

John Green