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Thread: Look-up detection range of the AN/APG-66/68 radar family

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    Look-up detection range of the AN/APG-66/68 radar family

    Radar: APG-66
    Range: about 40 nautical miles versus a closing, Phantom sized target (source: General Dynamics)
    Year: 1978 (first series production F-16 flew; in 1979 it was delivered to USAF)

    Radar: APG-68
    Range: . . .
    Year: 1984 (first F-16-25 delivered to USAF)

    Radar: APG-68(V)5
    Range: it improves APG-68’s range (common literature)
    Year: 1991 (first F-16-50 delivered)

    Radar: APG-66(V)2
    Range: APG-66’s detection performance increased by 25% (Flight International)
    Year: 1997 (first MLU kits produced and first F-16-20s delivered)

    Radar: APG-68(V)9
    Range: it “offers a 33% increase in air-to-air detection range over earlier versions of the radar” (Northrop Grumman)
    Year: 2002 (first Greek F-16-50+ delivered)

    Radar: APG-68(V)7
    Range: it improves APG-68(V)5’s range (Northrop Grumman)
    Year: 2003 (first Singaporean F-16-52+ delivered)

    Radar: APG-80
    Range: it's 70-80 miles for a 1-sqm target (AW&ST 03/13/00) and nearly double that of the (V)7 (Lockheed Martin)
    Year: 2004 (first F-16-60s delivered)

    The first APG-68 was fielded only 5 years after the APG-66.

    My question is the following: is there any evidence that the original APG-68 has a better detection range than the APG-66?
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    The APG-68 offered greater detection ranges, as well as the number of modes available, compared to the APG-66. The latest variant, the (v)9 offers 33% greater range than the variant preceding it. The APG-80 is an AESA radar, and the APG-66(v)2 is an MLU upgrade, which gives similar functionalities to the later model APG-68s.

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