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Thread: Indian Missiles News

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    Akash SAM tested against 2 flying targets

    Demonstrating multiple-target handling capability, two Akash surface-to-air supersonic missiles were simultaneously launched against two flying targets by Indian Air Force personnel from the Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur, Odisha on Thursday.

    Flying at supersonic speed of 2.5 Mach, one of the missiles engaged and destroyed a fast-moving Banshee, a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), at a slant range of 11 km and an altitude of 2.5 km.

    Carrying a 55 kg pre-fragmented warhead, the missile achieved a direct hit against the target which was in an approaching mode, according to G. Chandramouli, Project Director, Akash weapon system.

    As the second missile approached the other target (para flares dropped from a MIG 27) at a slant range of 24 km and an altitude of 5.5. km, the warhead detonated within the proximity of the target which was receding. He said multiple target handling and automated air defence functions were the important features of the indigenously developed Akash missile system.

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    From Dr Saraswat's presentation
    - Astra can do 60g maneuvers.
    - If Brahmos is flown at an altitude of 18 Kms without the low altitude maneuvering, the range can be as high as 600 Km (and yes, they are going to do an 'exercise' in that aspect).
    - There are two production lines for Brahmos, one in Kerala and other in Hyderabad.
    - AAD interceptor has 15 to 35g maneuver capability, and hence can take subsonic cruise missiles out with ease. System analysis shows that Brahmos level threats can be apprehended using AAD in cruise missile defence.
    - CMD will require IIR seekers and automatic target recognition capabilities.
    - The range of LFRJ cruise missile will be 600-1000 km, the problem lies with high density fuel.

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    DRDO's 100 km ranged 1000 kg glide bomb tested successfully. It's supposed to have a terminal seeker.
    So the smart bomb with system on chip, INS and terminal seeker has now been unveiled.

    A 1000 kg glide bomb designed and developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) was successfully tested today, in Bay of Bengal of the coast of Odisha. The bomb was dropped by an Indian Air force aircraft, The bomb, guided by its ‘on board navigation system’ glided for nearly 100 km before hitting the target with great precision. The flight of the glide bomb was monitored by radars and electro-optic systems stationed at Integrated Test Range (ITR).
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    The bomb was dropped by an Indian Air force aircraft,
    eager to Know which Aircraft dropped that Glide Bomb

    My guess the Jaguar
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    Quote Originally Posted by SajeevJino View Post
    eager to Know which Aircraft dropped that Glide Bomb

    My guess the Jaguar
    Yep, same here.

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