Pacific Northwest Flight Adventure
Tony Radmilovich takes us on a sight-seeing tour of the ORBX Pacific Northwest scenery.

Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d
PC Pilot was recently informed of the exciting news that Lockheed Martin had purchased the source code and intellectual property from Microsoft for the Microsoft® ESP™ platform. So, we invited Lockheed Martin to take part in a Q&A, which they very kindly agreed to do.

Logbook! - Clueless Over Arizona
In this edition of Chris Frishmuth's Logbook, he takes us back to the autumn of 1992, "when the ink was barely dry on my private pilot certificate and my ambition far outweighed my skill."


DCS: Black Shark!
In this instalment of our series on Black Shark, we explore the data link capabilities of the aircraft and how they can help us fight as a team.

Flight Simulator - A Beginner's Guide
What is the best computer for running Microsoft's Flight Simulator? Tony Radmilovich dedicates this issue's Beginner's Guide to answering that question.

Jet Airliners - A Flight Sim Pilot's Guide

In this issue, Jane Whittaker brings together the information presented over the last two tutorials and starts his flight to Los Angeles up to the point of entering the runway ready for take-off.

GA Flight Sim Training
Peter Stark continues his look at night flying by examining the techniques the professionals use for preparation and instrument scanning.

Professional Instruction with Bill Stack
Bill Stack's tutorial for today is an IFR flight from Pensacola, Florida, to New Orleans, Louisiana - flying a Baron 58.


Rise of Flight - Flying the Albatros D.Va
We show you how best to fly and fight in this underrated German aircraft.

Multiple Monitors and FSX

Pete Wright looks at multiple monitor set-ups and shows us how to put checklists, radio stacks, maps and more, on to a second display!

Flight Sim Q&A

What's the difference between the 32- and 64-Bit versions of Windows 7? This question and more is answered in this edition of Flight Sim Q&A.

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