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Thread: Questioning the correct name of those Iran fighters

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    Questioning the correct name of those Iran fighters

    I have no idea about Iranian language, also English is not my native language, so who could give me a hand to make out the name of these aircraft with its exact meaning?
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    The third one is a photoshop - the mid mounted wing F-5.
    The first one is the indigenous Tazarve trainer, the second ones are Saeqeh - F-5s modified with two tails.
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    There are currently five projects to talk about:

    OWJ JT-2 Tazarv (imaginary poetical bird, pheasant) - Iranian designed basic & intermediate trainer made of carbon fibrecomposite, with J85-13 turbofan without reheat.

    HESA Simorgh (mythical flying creature from Persian culture) - F-5B domestically reworked from F-5A and RF-5A. This way Iranians tried to solve a problem with insufficient number of twinseaters for pilot training. Easy to recognize as they use Martin Baker Mk10 ejection seats. At least one (3-7025B) has Russian Zvezda K36DM ejectors from MiG-29. Quite funny to see them mounted in an F-5.

    HESA Azaraksh (Lightning) - Azaraksh looks like normal F-5E/F and if not painted in special scheme, I can hardly recognize it from a normal Tiger II. But Azaraksh is said to be larger and heavier by ca 15%. Said to carry a Russian N019 radar from MiG-29. Find that hard to believe, though.

    HESA Saeqeh (Thunderbolt) - let's call it Azaraksh Mk.2, a new twin-tailed version with increased range, optimized for ground attacks. It is said to have a much better radar than F-5E, no idea which type. Also use quite weird ejection seats.

    AUC Shafaq (Before the dawn) - plan for new generation aircraft with reduced RCS. Apparetnly joint Iranian-Russian project, shows some resemblance with Yak-130. Should be powered by RD-33 turbofan from MiG-29.

    Teh first pic of yours shows Tazarv, the second one shows Saeqeh. The third one is Azaraksh but the picture is PSed, the real aircraft has low wing, just like F-5E.

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