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Thread: Mexican aerospace news

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    Mexican aerospace news

    Cessna will assemble in the capital full of aircraft fuselages
    By: Zuriel Olmos | 01-Jun-2010 14:03 The company's aerospace industry this day Cessna opened its fourth plant in operation in the city of Chihuahua, which is designed in four phases, the last one, issued in January 2011, will assemble and complete aircraft fuselage.

    In this fourth floor will invest $ 100 million in a building of 400 square feet and will employ 200 thousand people in its four phases, the first that started this day, the second in September, the third in November and fourth in January 2011.

    Cessna manufacture assemblies and subassemblies for aircraft metal structures at this early stage, and is expected to be achieved in the past to assemble a complete aircraft fuselage. The plant is located in Chihuahua Industrial Complex, where is Don Quixote.

    The inaugural event was attended by state governor, José Reyes Baeza, the mayor of Chihuahua, Alvaro Madero, and Industrial Development Secretary, Martha Lara Alatorre, as well as senior executives of the company Cessna.

    Chihuahua, Chihuahua,- The first full fuselage for a 2-passenger single engine light sports aircraft manufactured by Textron Aerospace Cessna Chihuahua was shipped to, Kansas, to be completely equipped and go out to the market in late January, Arturo Avila Cisneros, General Director, informed.
    He said that the shipment was made last week, and that they will manufacture one carbon-fiber fuselage per week, to be completed in the United States and sold for around US$600 thousand. He pointed-out that workers in Textron Aerospace Cessna plants have manufactured six fuselages, but no official ceremony has been held because they were waiting for feedback on the first pieces sent to corporate plants for assessment.
    Comments made regarding production in Chihuahua were excellent, and Corporate Offices have assigned more parts of the process. Mr. Avila said that Chihuahua is now attracting the attention of companies in the aeronautics sector, because it is the first one to successfully produce prototypes with this new technology. Also, workers are quick, quality learners of new processes

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    Aircraft bearing and components manufacturer Kaman Aerospace Corporation announced a $5 million investment in Chihuahua City, where it will employ 200 workers in a new plant to be completed this fall.

    Kaman will manufacture structural components and do metal component detailing.

    Robert Kanaskie, the company's president, said Kaman felt drawn by Chihuahua City's infrastructure, workforce skills and the city and state governments' support.

    The company valued as well Chihuahua's manufacturing base, its industrial sector experience and support from American Industries, a Chihuahuan company providing industrial real estate solutions.

    The city government is offering a 100 percent property tax discount and up to 55 percent discounts on construction permits for aerospace companies wanting to set operations here.

    For Kaman's investment, Chihuahua City competed with other leading Mexican cities as Monterrey, Mexicali and Queretaro

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    The number of Mexican aerospace companies has tripled to more than 300 in the last six years and it's not stopping there. The Mexican business magazine Mexico Now is sponsoring a daylong aerospace industry conference -- in Philadelphia -- June 24 and it's clearly aimed at OEMs who might be thinking of moving some of their production there. So far dozens of established companies, including Cessna, Bombardier, Hawker Beechcraft and Pratt & Whitney, have built factories in Mexico or are contracting with Mexican companies. "The main objective of this seminar is to obtain detailed and privileged information about the current and future conditions and trends of the aerospace Industry in offshore manufacturing operations," said conference spokesman Sergio Omel.

    The conference runs from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue and will feature speakers from the Mexican aerospace industry as well as representatives from companies that now do business in Mexico who will relate their experiences. The conference also promises to "objectively analyze the present and future business conditions of the aerospace industry in Mexico."
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    Gulfstream Interiores Aéreos S.A. De C.V., a 335,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, is a part of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Dynamics. Gulfstream Mexicali supplies components for the Gulfstream G150, G200, G450, G550 and G650 business jets. Some 1,100 team members make up four business units fabricating electrical wire harnesses, sheetmetal details, assemblies, and machined parts. Respect for people, continuous improvement, and exceeding customer expectations are key parts of its vision. The application of lean tools and philosophies started in 2002 when its major focus on world-class manufacturing began.

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    Chihuahua, Chihuahua,- Bell Helicopter, a Textron affiliated company has inaugurated a plant in Intermex Industrial Park.
    Arturo Avila Cisneros, Chairman of Maquiladoras and Exporters Association, Asociacion de Maquiladoras y Exportadoras, A.C, said that this has been a good year to attract foreign investment from aerospace sector to Chihuahua.

    He informed that Bell Helicopter arrived to the city a little over a year ago and they will now occupy a world-class building which will provide for future growth.
    This operation reinforces the Stateĺs leadership in aerospace sector, for companies have found in Chihuahua optimum conditions to develop.

    Most important is the fact that Chihuahua is moving forward in spite of the difficulties faced in other areas.
    Mr. Avila Cisneros finally pointed-out that most companies in this sector, especially European companies, are willing to work in suppliersĺ development, which opens an important area of opportunity for small and medium companies.
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    Frisa Monterrey The company, which produces turbine structures, the project will provide parts for Japanese aircraft.

    Monterrey won industry and, as a supplier, a Japanese aerospace ambitious project to manufacture a new aircraft model, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, known as MRJ and will be released in 2013, said Herminio Blanco Mendoza.

    Bilateral Committee vice-president of Businessmen of the Japan-Mexico Mexican Foreign Trade Council (COMCE) said that a meeting to be held tomorrow in Tokyo national delegation will trigger new business.

    The event was attended by President Felipe Calderon, 54 Japanese and 200 Mexican businessmen.

    White also said the automotive, electronics and infrastructure will benefit.

    "The new aircraft will contain Japanese Mexican parts, which means that in addition to the automotive and electronics, and ventured into something as sophisticated as aeronautics," he said.

    Revealed that the company Frisa Monterrey, headed Eduardo Garza T and produces structures of turbines, the project will provide parts for Japanese aircraft.

    The new plane will compete with models of Mitsubishi Canada's Bombardier and Brazil's Embraer.

    "In 2009 we maintained our share of exports to Japan, as the treaties and the depreciation of our currency gave us competitive," noted White.

    At the end of the meeting, the president of the company Xignux Monterrey, Eugenio Garza Herrera, delivered after five years from the front of the Bilateral Committee, the employer also Monterrey Enrique Zambrano Benitez, CEO of Alvarado Construction, Metalsa controller, producing automotive chassis.

    Zambrano Benítez will detail a successful Japanese businessmen buying in December 2009 of its main competitor in the chassis, the U.S. Dana Holding Corporation.

    "With this acquisition, Metalsa becomes the number one provider of Toyota, which is about to make a significant investment in the event that involves Mexico," said Blanco.

    He noted that at the meeting, the testimony of success of the president of Bombardier Mexico, Flavio Diaz Miron, is something the Japanese did not expect and which will give further boost to the image of the Mexican airline industry.

    "Frisa provides Bombardier and pulled and 80 suppliers", he said.

    White estimated that it will be difficult ads arise at the meeting of major investment, with numbers and details, but it will pave the road.

    "What is essential is the presence now, we're on the radar of employers and the Japanese government, facing recovery leading to these investments," he said.

    The meeting was opened by the Secretary of the Treasury, Ernesto Cordero, to make way for a message from President Felipe Calderon in the food.

    The Mexican scene detailing what the Secretaries of Economy, Gerardo Ruiz Mateos, Communications and Transport, Francisco Molinar Horcasitas, and Agriculture Minister Francisco Mayorga.

    "Japanese companies like Mitsubishi and Sumitomo, invest heavily in communications and transport infrastructure, so we hope to stay that way," white external.

    Proméxico director, Bruno Ferrari, Japanese employers will give an overview of the benefits offered by the government to investors.
    Monterrey, Mexico (February 1, 2010)

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    Not bad, Maxico! Hopefully other countries will walk in their shadow and change their aerospace policy.
    Also check out Customs broker Montreal

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