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    Hi Matt,

    Appreciate your posts on KL654.
    What is your connection with this story? I am interested because I am the cousin of Flt Sgt Jack Blakey one of the crew. I was present at the recent funeral in Malaysia.

    Mick Blakey
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About Matt Poole

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About Matt Poole
I began my RAF Liberators-in-the-Far-East research in 1990. A family history project gone wild, and there's no end in sight.

To the lame-brained Burma Spitfire folks out there who can only pigeonhole others into one of two factions (yes, they are buried vs no way, Jose), I'll say I am NEITHER.

I see things in terms of POSSIBILITIES, not EXPECTATIONS. Possibilities, in this case, can be seen to defy logic, historical research, and common sense. The search for Burma Spitfires may prove to be an utterly doomed case of Snark hunting (and I hope no one disappears like one of the hunters in the original story), but -- who the bleep knows -- it may lead to proverbial gold at the end of the rainbow.

David Cundall, warts and all, has the balls to go for his prize and stick with it, astounding even his most bitter and frustrated critics.

The fun has only just begun...and it's not my money.

The spirit of adventure, involving many more than just Mr Cundall, is downright intriguing, but the Burma Spitfires saga also reveals that competition and lust for fame and monetary rewards do lead humans astray, willingly. In particular, money talks and money corrupts, making some men choose paths, viewed by the public, that they later regret. Buried Burma $pitfires!

Just to make it clear to those who yap about "the Cundall camp" as if I'm an enthusiastic member, I'll summarize my take on matters AGAIN:

Basically, Bubba, I don’t blindly believe in boasts of beautiful British-built birds being buried in boarded-up boxes bunched below baked Burma bases, or even just battered, beaten, bent, bashed, broken, bulldozed bits beneath bitumen…



GO, DAVID, GO!!!!!

And IF he fails (or is denied a new dig contract), then GO, BOULTBEE BROOKS, GO (though I don’t like what I’ve read about his tactics)!!! And IF he fails, then GO, ZIV, GO!!! Or GO, WARGAMING II, GO (if they jump on the bandwagon again with a fresh approach to imagery, and NEW archaeologists & geophysicists)!!! Etc., etc., etc.

Ad nauseam on the Burma Spitfires forum today, ad museum tomorrow, for all we know. [UPDATE: The thread was removed by woosies who kowtowed to blowhards threatening legal action. It could have been left up, locked, but noooooooooooooooooo!!]

But, really, first and foremost, GO, DAVID, GO!!!!!
Maryland, USA
Now retired, I was a hush-hush "geospatial analyst" working for [redacted] in [redacted].


"The RAF Museum show has been forensically examined and was deeply unimpressive. I knew that their whale of a story was loaded with baloney".


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