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  1. Tomahawk equivalent
  2. SAM Systems
  3. R-33/r-37
  4. Whooosh..........BANG !!
  5. Questions about the AA-10 Alamo
  6. Sub forum note
  7. Patriot Blue on Blue
  8. How good is the MICA? not the IR.
  9. Brimstone
  10. Agreement soon Pak to acquire Ukraine BVR missiles
  11. Phoenix vs AMRAAM
  12. about novator 172 A2A? is it for real?
  13. GQM-163 Coyote
  14. R-27AE development
  15. what about DERBY?
  16. Now...lets compare the R-73 against the Python-4
  17. YJ83 : Myth or reality ?
  18. Vickers 'S' 40mm
  19. ramjet a2a missiles
  20. questions on Uran SS-N-25
  21. MOP
  22. .5 Vickers MGs and the Browning
  23. Pak bought missile tech from NK-Benzair
  24. Russian missile names
  25. flight profiles of naval SAMs
  26. Malaysia agrees to buy KS-1A
  27. S-300PMU-1
  28. Delilah cruise missile drone
  29. IAI, Europe's MBDA to cooperate on anti-ballistic missile system
  30. AIM-7 Sparrow & RIM-7 Sea Sparrow
  31. R-27P export to India or China
  33. Arrow vs. Scud
  34. Arrow vs. Scud
  35. “ART is so good,that it can disable a rudder on a ship without sinking it
  36. NK fielding R-27 clone
  37. Hypervelocity missiles question
  38. Arrow Vs Scud D
  39. Iran Tests Shahab
  41. New Russian ADS - Patriot will never catch up, say Russians
  42. More details on the brazilian AMX-M
  43. Russia finishes delivering S-300PMU1s to China
  44. Future US AAMs
  45. Next-Generation Weapon-Release
  46. AGM-142 & F-111
  48. Python6 missile
  49. Explosives
  50. Denmark Agrees to Purchase aim-9x
  51. Australia to get cruise missiles
  52. Israeli Arrow missile fails to hit target in California test
  53. Ikara
  54. China becomes first export customer for S-300PMU2
  55. Agni II
  56. Pakistan to test new cruise missile
  57. Hmmm... Don't know what this is, but cool drawing.
  58. First CLAWS Test Flight Successful
  60. Cruise missile that truns into Torpedo?
  61. Missile collection
  62. Ofeq-6's Launch Failed
  63. THAAD System Completes Important Test
  64. Missile Collection II
  65. Israeli Superweapon?
  66. Boeing SLAM-ER Weapon Shows Moving Target Capability
  67. Tomahawk Block IV production started
  68. Drainage pipings or what????
  69. US agrees to sell Japan $79 mln in PAC-3 missiles
  70. Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea
  71. missile classes
  72. Neutron Bomb
  73. Best SLBMS, ICBMS
  74. China's second LACM
  75. Here we go again... Fabricating none existing sceneries again!!!
  76. Brahmos
  77. Try driving along the road with these!
  78. Well, don't know what this is, but awesome sight anyhow...
  79. ANY NEWS?
  80. US Navy future long range SAMs
  81. TACMS-P
  82. Have Dash II
  83. article about NMD
  84. New Russian LWT AShM
  85. Taiwan's HF-2A and HF-2E cruise missiles
  86. Which is the most accurate Ballistic Missile?
  87. Lockheed's MEADS Wins $3 Bln Contract
  88. Taiwan to test-fire cruise missile which cud hit Shanghai
  89. Klub-S
  90. Surface to Surface Ballistic Missiles
  91. U.S. Navy Retires AIM-54 Phoenix Missile
  92. Indian Missile Program
  93. Recent Arrow II test missed
  94. Japan participating in NMD
  95. Modern Russian AshMs
  96. Air-Launched Anti-Satellite missiles
  97. Whatever this says... 从大漠空中看东风-31发射[图]
  98. New life shooting pics...
  99. New Russian Kh-31PM upgrade
  100. Ident please the weapon.
  101. Ol munition found in Delaware (USA) with mustard gas
  102. Prithvi-3 and Dhanush
  103. Russian attack capabilities
  104. Lower pics... What is it???
  105. HJ-11 Missile
  106. Vintage shell casing
  107. Taiwan vs China
  108. Counter ARMs tactics~
  109. defence scientists embark on 'smart' missiles
  110. US concern about missile monument
  111. China-Iran Missile connection
  112. Hamas making new anti-aircraft missile
  113. Ft 2000 and its implications
  114. yakhont for Mig-29?
  115. Reusable Satellite Launch Vehicle (RSLV)
  116. Airborne Laser Lights Up Test Facility
  117. Putin about new Russian "nuclear missile"
  118. VLed Shtils under development
  119. Israel offers to develop Barak missiles with India jointly
  120. New Russian Air Launched Weapons, Clarifications
  121. US agrees to Japan's licensed production of PAC-3 missiles
  122. Russia tests anti-missile system
  123. Arym hypersonic missiles status?
  124. Medium-High Altitude Aircraft and Munitions Defence
  125. Ballistic Missile Defenses
  126. Umbani modular guided bomb kit
  127. no Japanese ICBMs -- for the time being
  128. US ICBMs, SLBMs modernization
  129. Surface Cruise Missile Defence
  130. Indo-Russian GLONASS
  131. R-77 (Aka AA-12 Adder) thread
  132. Akash flies with live warhead
  133. French Spy Satellite Travels Into Orbit
  134. Successful firing of MBDA’s STORM SHADOW / SCALP EG long
  135. Delta IV Heavy first flight
  136. Iraqi mobile missile???
  137. A new generation of the fundamental French element of independence
  138. Lockheed studying new SLBMs
  139. Russian Antiship Missile
  140. does any of u collect ww2 inert ammo?
  141. Which one is SA-5
  142. S-300PMU/Sa-10 Grumble question
  143. PAAC 3 and SMIII
  144. AGM-122 Sidearm
  145. New Books of interest.
  146. Taiwan Successfully Test-Fires Anti-Ship Missile: Report
  147. Current American Cluster Bombs
  148. 5th Gen Russian ABM and ADS?
  149. Russian Attack Capabilities II
  150. some question about p-700 granit
  151. KMSAM
  152. Electro-optical guidance eg. Maverick
  153. S300V
  154. by, by ramjet R 77?
  155. BrahMos thread - Part 2
  156. 9K38 Igla
  157. Does anybody collect grip sticks here?
  158. India's Submarine Launched Cruise Missile Programme
  159. Shkval
  160. Iranian Kh-55
  161. Boeing Laser JDAM Scores Direct Hit
  162. Pentagon: 'Sex Bomb' Et Al Mostly Folly
  163. AAM Kills
  164. Caseless ammo
  165. Russia to Present New Kliper Space Shuttle at Le Bourget Air Show
  166. Russia export to Middleast. Missiles?
  167. Indian missile news & discussion
  168. DongHai 10A cruise attack missile(PLA)
  169. Senior Prom Declassified
  170. PAVEWAY vs JDAM
  171. SeaSlug, SeaCat and others obsolete missile systems
  172. PLA Mysterious DF-41(ICBM) unveil????
  173. Pakistani missiles
  174. help identify a missile
  176. Taiwan missile in test
  177. AS 19 Koala missile
  178. Current status on the ARMIGER anri-radiation missile ?
  179. Story about Russia moving Iraqi WMD to Syria
  180. BOL Rail ?
  181. Ukraine admits selling missiles to Iran
  182. Most capable BVR missile
  183. Latest N.Z armed force's Commando fit out.
  184. Taiwanese standoff munitions dispenser
  185. Using people to guide SAMs
  186. Kornet fire & forget variant
  187. Iskander-E 'designed to counter Western TMDs'
  188. ARMAT/MARTEL info
  189. Chinese HN cruise missile is attacking(picture)
  190. fiber optics image guidance test missles
  191. Ukraine displays new anti-tank missiles
  192. Free Subscription to New Mil Aviation Trade Mag
  193. India's New Anti-Ballastic Missile SAM
  194. Story of a lost nuke
  195. Small Diameter Bomb films
  196. China seen deploying new missiles in 10 years
  197. BOZ 107/103/101 chaff
  198. S-300V
  199. What TEL???
  200. Does Derby have a datalink / MCU capability?
  202. Update on Chinese Moskit program
  203. THAAD,MEADS VS S-400+
  204. Russia Successfully Tests Newest Cruise Missile
  205. 142 Failure
  206. Iran Successfuly Tests 2000km Range Ballistic Missile
  207. Masurca SAM
  208. RAFAEL to exhibit mobile air defense system at Paris Air Show
  209. AAM shelf life
  210. Taiwan will run out of munitions if China attacks
  211. PLA (All Forces) Missiles
  212. Most "out there" AAM you've ever heard of that did NOT go into service.
  213. "Out there" missiles of any type.
  214. Historical Bombs
  215. Interview with Lt Gen Henry “Trey” Obering III MDA/Director
  216. US clears sale of latest Patriot missile system to India
  217. South African Missiles
  218. Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System
  219. Indian Advanced Light Weight Torpedo dilemma
  220. US clears Arrow missile systems to India ?
  221. Republic Of Korea SSM Inventory
  222. New bunker buster under developement.
  223. Israeli SAM's
  224. Metal Storm
  225. S300/S400 Radars?
  226. SLAM-ER Selected for the RAAF
  227. Wanna see a Russian S-300 site?
  228. AA-11 Archer question
  229. Israel seeks US help for shorter Arrow
  230. Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) related
  231. Britain helped Israel get the BOMB !!!
  232. Russia To Adopt New BAL Coastal Defense Missile Systems In 2006
  233. Will MAKS-2005 really demonstrate the S-400?
  234. S-400 Question
  235. Klu F-16 targeting pods.
  236. Hellfire II variants
  237. Pakistan test-fires first ground-launched cruise missile
  238. S-300PMU-1 delivered to Vietnam
  239. Taiwan Begins Deployment of Cruise Missiles
  240. German Hypervelocity Missiles
  241. Modernized antiaircraft missile system displayed at MAKS-2005
  242. Russian nuclear sub test-fires ballistic missile
  243. No Greenpine radar for Prithvi missile
  244. People still have perverse faith in the S-400's existence
  245. Whats the status of the IRIS-T?
  246. US Intelligence: Nukehavistan may have nuclear weapons
  247. Hellfire AGM-114N Thermobaric Missile Approved for Production
  248. Ballistic Missile Defense: US, China duel in South Asia
  249. India to develop ICBM
  250. Iran's Missiles Extend Their Reach!!